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In love with the Kokedama

​ For some time, we've been decorating our flower shop with beautiful Kokedamas! Kokedama is a Japanesse word that means ball of moss. In this technique, a ball of moss is used to plant any type of ornamental plant... take a look at the picture below: ...the plants used for this technique are generally ones that do not need direct sunlight, hence, the ball of moss could eventually be burned and turned a darker brown. Aluminium or nylon wire is used to wrap and hold down the moss after containing the soil and the plant. These plants are widely popular in Japan and can be found in almost any garden. Taking care of your Kokedama is very easy and simple!...

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Color Popping!

Hello friends! We are very excited about Spring season because of all the flowers we get to tinker around with! You should know that this is our favorite time of the year in Flowers Culture... This week, we decided to dedicate this blogpost to this gorgeous arrangement by florist Maribel Ramirez... "It is like the perfect combination of tropical leaves and color popping spring!". Like always, every arrangement is different and prepared with only the best flowers in the meadow! We hope you love this art piece as much as we do. Sending you lots of love from Flowers Culture! Please, leave a comment below and let us know you were here! Also, subscribe to our mailing list for future...

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Bunny Ears of the year!

For this past weekend, our inspiration at Flowers Culture was a pretty pastel palette of colors and a bunch of colorful mason jars we had around our warehouse. We started building mini arrangements for the festivities that could lighten up any living room or dinning area. Of course, our own is know vividly touched at the scene of these colors! If we had to pick one, our favorite color for Easter will have to be blue. It brings such calmness and focus that it is our color of the season. We wanted to make something different, we tend to go that extra mile, LOL. It wasn't difficult at all! We saw bunny ear diadems as an excuse to relive our...

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